Best Single Strap Backpack Review Guide

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Sling backpacks are quite popular since it allows you to carry numerous things and keep your hands free while going about your day....

man hikingBackpacks are very popular since it allows you to carry numerous things and keep your hands free while going about your day. This is one of the biggest reasons for buying the best single strap backpack available. There is no doubt that this design is one of the most attractive packs that is available on the market today. Not only are they functional, but they also comes in very stylish designs.

If you are an avid biker or enjoy other outdoor activities, then you are probably looking for some sort of convenient backpack. From improved mobility to overall convenience, this type of bag is perfect for biking and other activities that require you to keep your hands free while concentrating on the task at hand. In this article, we take a look at the multiple benefits of the one strap backpack and explain the advantages of them.




Below Are Some Of the Top Single Strap Backpacks

Under Armour UA Storm CompelUnder Armour Sling4.5
Everest Sling Bageverest4.1
Adidas Capital Slingcapital4.3
Bonamana Men CanvasBonamana4.4
Red Rock Outdoor Gear Roverred rock4.2
Molle Tacticalmolle tactical4.3
Maxpedition Kodiak GearslingerMaxpedition Kodiak4.6



Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger

Maxpedition Kodiak





This pack is one of the best all around options. You will find that the design, strength and durability will fit most of your everyday needs. This bag will continue to serve its purpose years down the line with little to no wear and tear. The model is designed for tactical use, but is also a great option as a commuter bag, carry-on for air travel and any other use you can think of. It is triple-coated with polyurethane and offers a coat of DuPont Fabric Protector to repel the elements. This pack boasts military-grade webbing for all the straps, handles and attachment points making it comfortable and durable. Its 1100 cubic inch maximum capacity allows you to carry all your gear with ease. If you are using this as a commuter bag, you will be able to fit a 15.4 inch laptop in the main compartment. The bag also includes Duraflex buckles and hardware for maximum strength and functionality.

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Under Armour UA Storm Compel Sling Pack

Under Armour Sling









This is one of the most modern and stylish packs available. The best thing about this pack it is water resistant. that makes it a good option for traveling as any offerings on the market. In fact, it uses the DWR finish that keeps away the water without compromising on the functionality. It also includes a 15 inch laptop sleeve within the bag to carry your laptop. It is made up of durable material and includes a pocket to carry water bottles. Along with this, the padded and adjustable cross body strap gives you all the comfort while carrying. It is a perfect option for teens orcollege students who need a reliable backpack.

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Adidas Capital Sling










This model is available in a variety of colors to fit the style and needs of most anyone. The strap is shock absorbing and includes a load spring which adds to the overall comfort and ease of weight. The back panel is mesh padded to add to the comfort of carrying this bag.  The overall organization and storage in this product keeps all your items secure and easy to access. There are two outside zippered pockets. One is a medical pocket that can be used to store your phone, sunglasses and any other items you will need to access quickly. There is also a zippered pocket on the strap for you to store you debit/credit cards, identification and/or cash for quick retrieval. There is also a padded pocket for your tablet. It also has a hydro-shield, water resistant base. It is made a durable material.

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Everest Sling Bag










The Everest one strap backpack for school is a good option to choose for anyone looking for a good bag. It includes two pockets at the back of the pack to help you carry the necessary items you need while on the go. Along with this, it includes a zipper closure that enhances the look of this product. Also, the 12 inch shoulder drop provides all the comfort you need while carrying it on the sides. It has enough space to carry all your valuable items while traveling, for using at work or while attending school. This bag is large enough to accommodate just about any size laptop that you have. It is also available in various colors to meet your style. Because of it’s versatile use, I think it would be a great sling backpack for women or men.

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Bonamana Men Canvas Leather Hiking Bag











Those that are looking for something vintage and stylish, should take a look at this product. It is a quality single strap leather backpack and superior quality canvas that gives it an excellent look. Apart from that, the durable and strong zipper allows you to use it anywhere from the office to college. The size of this backpack is ideal for aprofessional needing a backpack for office use. It has enough space to allow you to carry your stationary material and any other electronic gadgets that you are using. This product would function well as a sling bag for travel because it includes two zipper compartments as well as one opening flap. Also, there are two pouches outside this pack that can be used for storing keys or id cards. This is one of the best cross body bags for travel on the market.

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Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack

red rock










The stylish look is one of the biggest features of this backpack. This pack is made with sturdy straps, allowing you all the comfort along with allowing for a quick release. The top padded handle comes with a get go style. Apart from this, the backpack has two covered compartments with a padded back panel. It even has two pockets externally that includes dividers. The best thing about this backpack is it holds your every day things such as flashlights, chargers, Bluetooth speakers and more. As an added bonus, it leaves some extra space for anything else that you may need to carry. So, it is suitable for college students as well as day hikers.

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Molle Tactical Sling BAG

molle tactical









If you are looking for a single strap tactical backpack, this one should not be overlooked. The strong shoulder strap  provides you with comfort while you are carrying all your belongings. Included are loop panels and hooks, so bringing what ever you need with you is not a hassle. The best feature of this bag is the built in hydration compatible pouch, but the water bladder is sold separately. The compression straps are present on top as well as on both sides. There are also numerous pockets within this bag that helps you keep your belongings such as chargers, flashlights and more organized while on the go.

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What Makes One Strap Backpacks Convenient

The first and foremost benefit of backpacks with one shoulder strap is that it is easy to carry and promotes convenience. This is great for those who are avid bikers or mountain hikers. This design is perfect for trekkers who need to carry a whole host of necessary items while out on the trail. This model is often the best-fit size that allows you to carry essential items while being conscious of your surroundings around you.

Hikers know that a good travel sling bag is essential for any trip to carry all of your gear. When most trekkers visit a new destination far away from their home base, they usually have a bag that they use to carry their essential personal items and clothes, and another bag that would be strictly used for hiking. Most of us have a backpack that we used in school, but it is probably getting old and worn out and is not large enough to carry what we need out on the trail.

If you are serious about hiking, then you need a sturdy dependable bag. Having a bag that will not hold up and fall apart when out hiking will be a hassle to deal with. That’s where a good one strap backpack comes into play. No matter if you are going on short hikes or plan to be out all day, being comfortable should be a very high priority.

Sling backpack are also very convenient for road trips. You could sit it in the passenger seat of your car and use it for holding your snacks and bottles of water. This design makes it very convenient for this purpose. The wide openings of this bag makes it easy to grab a snack or drink that you want quickly without taking your eyes off the road. A good sling backpack purse could make road trips a lot easier.

The second most important benefit of the one strap backpack is that it allows maximum mobility at all times. If you are looking to take your bike to an off road trial up in the hills, this is the type of pack that should be strongly considered. Most people who cycle often carry a full load in their bag. If you are carrying a heavy standard backpack it could throw of your balance while you are cycling. A sling pack sits lower on your body so it more convenient to carry. This design is also manufactured in a way to ensure that your concentration is strictly on your path, so you should not have any problems carrying all of you gear conveniently while on the go.

When it comes to choosing the best pack for your needs, the one thing that you should look for is comfort. A comfortable bag is important if you want to ensure that you’re relaxed no matter what you are doing. The best bags are those that are designed with added features that makes them more streamlined and offer extra padding. Comfort should be one of the primary aspects that should be taken into consideration while looking at one strap models.

Individuals who need a backpack for travel often find that these are some of the best anti theft bags, and works better for them than a standard two strap model. This is because the sling bags are more suited for travel and are designed to be more versatile thanstandard laptop backpacks. With a variety of pockets and compartments, sling bags are manufactured with a variety of features. Many of them often include a space for bottles and water carriers, along with specified compartments for travel essentials and other necessary items. The portability factor is one of the biggest reasons that this style of backpacks is better for travel than most other models.

If you are outside on a hot day, your back is often covered with sweat when you are doing an activity. When you wear a standard two strap backpack it often compiles the problem because it smothers your back, and does not allow maximum ventilation when on the move. This problem is alleviated with sling bags. You pack is carried lower on your body so you are more comfortable and you are allowed more ventilation.

This type of bag is often seen worn by students in schools. The one strap backpack is one of the most student friendly bags on the market today. The reason for this is that the backpack is perfect for portability and for storing numerous items. Over and above its portability, this type of bag can also be carried easily carried.

The primary benefit of this type of bags for students is that it is designed in such a way that it allows the most comfort, and can prevent back and shoulder muscles from aching. Since the bulk of the load is off the lower back, these bags are perfect for anyone who is looking to preserve some lower body strength. All things being considered, this is one of the best types of bags for students who are on their feet all day.

One strap backpacks are also really nice to use when you are mobile. It is nice to have the bag secured across your body as opposed to it hanging on your back. Especially when you are visiting places that are very crowded. In those cases, it makes it really easy to slide the pack around in front of you so you could keep your hands on it at all times. It is also really easy to access important documents when you need them with this type of pack compared to a standard two strap model.

Most of the best sling backpacks for travel also have special compartment built into them that makes it easy to keep your items organized. For instance you could store your passport and plane ticket in the front zipped pocket to easily access it at the security checkpoint in the airport. You could also take advantage of one of the other outside pockets to store your maps or other travel documents that you are bringing along with you while traveling.

Often photographers who need a backpack to carry their camera equipment use a sling travel bag. It makes it convenient because all of your photography equipment is right at the tips of your fingers. This model is usually positioned where you could easily unzip the top compartment and grab your current camera setup that you are using, or change the lens without removing the bag from your body. It should also have enough room to store your external flash, a small tripod and a laptop if you are going to edit you photos on location.


Why Are Single Strap Backpacks Popular

The added advantage of investing in the best one strap backpack is that it offers some of the best designs on the market today. Since these bags are sleek and are built for comfort and space, they are a perfect combination of work,  efficiency and style. With an array of colors and styles, these bags deserve some serious consideration if one is interested in buying a versatile and well designed product

One of the main reasons why men’s single strap backpacks are so popular is they shift loads to the side of your body. Most conventional backpacks put extreme pressure on your back and shoulders, which might result in back problems and severe pain along with being extremely uncomfortable while walking for an extended period of time. The sling styled models actually help you by moving the weight to the side of your body, which is much easier to maneuver while out and about.

Another benefit is you can shift the backpack without having to remove it. This helps prevent excess pressure and strain on your shoulder muscles. And you do not have to remove the bag from your body when you have to remove something from it.

When it comes to bags, this model should be at the top of everyone’s list. From comfort to convenience and style, these bags are a perfect blend of functionality and superior design. Whether you are a student or a biker, the one strap backpack is something that you should definitely look into for your next bag.

What To Look For When Considering A One Strap Backpack


The padding of the strap should be the first thing examined when considering this type of bag. It only has one strap so you should want it to be padded and very comfortable especially if you are planning to wear it for an extended amount of time.

The size of your bag should also be also taken into consideration. Some individuals may need a pack to carry enough gear to last them two days while out hiking – and others may only need it for a quick commute to work on their bike. It all depends on your personal needs and what you plan on using it for.

You should also consider the material that your bag is made of. If you plan on carrying your bag when outside, then a waterproof model should be strongly considered to protect your belongings. Others may like the more stylish look of leather material. Most leather bags not only look nice, but they also stand up over time because of the rugged material that they are made of.



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