We Examine The Best Weekender Bag For Women

Floto Roma

Everywhere you look, people are talking about this design. Truth be told most of us need more than one means of transporting our items. These bags offer storage...

Everywhere you look, people are talking about this design. Truth be told most of us need more than one means of transporting our items. These bags offer storage, comfort, class and make for an elegant accessory. There are different types of weekenders on the market. You can have totes, backpacks, travel luggage models or duffels bags. If you look around you can find them for a low to moderate price tag. These bags have evolved from the pure storage functions to being a symbol of class and charm. There is such a broad range of designs on the market and every year newer ones are churned out for the ever-expanding global market. In my humble opinion, here are the top three best weekender bags for women.

Floto Roma Duffle Saddle Brown

Floto RomaThis Italian Leather Travel Bag is a premier accessory for females all over the world.  It is specifically designed with women’s inclinations in mind. It has a full grain vegetable tanned form of calfskin leather. They are manufactured in Italy. Even then there are a few outlets authorized to produce this brand in the USA. This bag should blend in well with many other products that you already have. It’s fitted with a canvas lining which makes it not only versatile but also very stylish.

The bag measures about 11″ high x 10″ wide x 21″ long giving it lots of space to fit items needed for a typical weekend out. It is very light. It has a shoulder strap as well as Inside Zip pocket. One of the best features about this weekend bag is that it carries with it a good warranty. That’s why any woman who wants both a sense of style and lot of space for stuff would love this bag. It is class personified. The brand can be identified not just by its logo but also by the unique design of the bag as well as the characteristic saddle brown color and black straps. If this design is too big for your needs, you should also look at smaller messenger bags designed for travel.


Jack & Chris Canvas Leather Travel Tote Duffel

This Shoulder Handbag Bag also goes by the code CB1004. This is one of the midsized weekenders that is very fitting for women of all ages. Whatever your plans are, this bag should be able to accommodate all your needs with the many internal compartments and well made zippers. This is what makes it easy to separate your luggage, for example clothing, car keys, phones and cosmetic. It’s the most appropriate model for people with outdoorsy personality and who love to travel and venture out during weekends.

The manufacturers fitted it with a leather top handle, adjustable canvas backpack strap, and zipper closure. The strap can be adjusted to different lengths depending on height and your body type. What makes this product versatile is that it’s made from quality thick canvas material. Even then its texture is surprisingly soft, durable and reliable. Given its size and design, it can hold 2-3 days’ worth of clothes and other personal effects for a single adult. This design is ideal for gyms, picnics, weekend trips and even long weekend camping.


Nicole Miller Sharon City

This Pebble-grained duffle bag is fitted with loop handles and a signature animal print interior. It has a very simplistic yet powerful look. The manufacturer fitted it with a detachable, adjustable shoulder straps.  It measures about 21”x10”x12” which is the average size for a standard weekend bag world over. This gives it enough space to fit personal items including clothes and cosmetics for an entire weekend. The standard color for this bag is a gorgeous shade of cream. The shipping weight is 3.4 pounds making it light, yet sturdy enough to walk with for considerable distances even when fully stuffed.

This is a good accessory for women who’d like to look stylish but not over the top about it. It’s subtly endearing and classy, yet also built for the rigors of a typical travel use. It’s generally big and characteristically rectangular. Some versions are black with nude accents. The pebbles leather enables it to handle wear and tear gracefully. This bag can actually give you a 4-5 day pack, and if you are a light packer, you can have items enough for seven days. The best fact about this model is that it carries with it a great warranty from the manufacturer.


What To Look For When In The Market For A Weekender

There are lots of varieties of weekend bags on the market from different manufacturers. From the classy and the versatile to the pricey and the branded weekend bags are here to stay. What should you consider when choosing a great model? The first issue to consider is the material used to create it.

The most common materials are nylon, canvas, leather and jute. The second issue to consider is the size. You definitely want a bag that can carry at least 3-4 days, worth of supplies. The approximate size of a weekend bag is 48 cm x 31 cm x 31 cm. You should also factor in the warranty, personal preferences, color and your main social or business activities and how they will impact the bag.

Why Should Someone Purchase a Weekender Bag?

The top two reasons people choose a weekend bag for, is business or pleasure. It’s a very practical luggage essential that serves as a storage for your personal effects. Most of the bags that we use are not adequate for a weekend. They tend to be two large and bulky or too small. Most of these models are designed with short trips in mind. That’s what makes them appropriate and necessary for anyone with an active weekend life.

You also have to remember that this design has evolved from mere utilities to become accessories. So you don’t even need an active personal life to own one. They continue to offer comfort, accessory function, class and storage space for any female when needs a great accessory.

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