3 In 1 Food Prep System with Get Veggie Bullet

3 In 1 Food Prep System with Get Veggie Bullet

By visiting www.getveggiebullet.com all the consumer can by 3 In 1 Food Prep System with Get Veggie Bullet which will Shorten time in Cutting Vegatable etc....

Cutting vegetable is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Everyone who has been to a kitchen knows the struggle. Well now nutribullet has created the product that can ease your daily life. All the consumer can by this from www.getveggiebullet.com. Veggie bullet is a 3 in 1 food prep system designed to slice, shred and spiralizer your food.

It can easily shred your vegetable, fruits or any other whole food. It makes daily life in kitchen easy and less hectic. You can complete your task in matter of minutes. You can easily make your fruit or vegetable salad without spending extra time on cutting.

You can adjust the shape of your blades and you can adjust the size of your blades. With veggie bullet you can get the cut your vegetables and fruits just the way you want without wasting anytime.

Features 3 In 1 Food Prep System

Veggie bullet has a power base. You can adjust it to any one of the settings that are slicing, shredding and electric spiralizer. You choose the setting according to your requirements and start working. Simple as that.

It has double sized blades which makes it work time faster. You can actually see the speed with which it slices your food. It doesn’t just cut your food. It makes uniform slices or shreds. At the end you always have uniform pieces of food in your desired shape.

Veggie bullet not only eliminates the manual labor but also speed up the work time. You get perfect result every time.

It comes with four different pasta blades. Angel hair blade, curly fry blade, shoestring blade and ribbon blade. You can choose any blade and it will cut your food in the desired shape. You can prepare large amount of food in different shapes using veggie bullet.

The best part is that it has an easy clean feature. You can dissemble the parts and wash them easily. All parts are safe to wash except the power base. It has to be cleaned manually.

Buy Your Own Veggie Bullet

You can buy your own veggie bullet online or in person. You can buy veggie bullet in major stores.

You can also purchase it online at www.getveggiebullet.com

If you buy it from TV offer then you can have a 30 day try time, you can try veggie bullet for 30 days. It comes in a payment of $29.99. If you don’t find the product useful you can return it and get your $29.99 back. If you like the product you can make 4 month payments of $29.99 or one full payment of $149.95.

It also comes with 1 year warrantee. So check out veggie bullet today at www.getveggiebullet.com.

3 In 1 Food Prep System with Get Veggie Bullet

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