How to Flirt with Your Wife

“A wife is the joy of a man’s heart.” –Talmud

Imagine that you held onto those feeling you cherished when you firstfell in love with your wife. She wasn’t an easy catch, and you had to workhard to win her love.

Flirting is something that comes naturally in a new relationship. Keepingflirtation alive throughout a marriage will help you maintain a healthy,passionate relationship. Knowing how (and when) to flirt with your wife canbe a daunting challenge.

Remember the more subtle your titillation, the more likely she is toreciprocate.

How to Communicate Desire without Contact

How to Flirt with Your Wife

Flirtingisn’t just about sexuality; it is also about sensuality. Bring in all fivesenses to heighten her sexual awareness. Women respond to attractive scents,to the tone of your voice, and to the feel of your skin.

Non-verbal flirtation involves facial expressions. A wink, a smile, oreven a look that tells her your desires will get her mind racing in theright direction. Don’t just send these signals behind closed doors. A glanceyou throw her way at breakfast will keep you on her mind all day.

Hearing your voice for no reason other than to tell her you love her andare thinking of her will make her feel desired. Call or text her with acompliment, knowing that she is glowing on the other end of the phone. Whenyou are together, tell her nice things that you love about her for no reasonother than to share with her your feelings.

Scents can set the mood for any occasion. Wearing her favorite cologne,cooking her favorite meal, or lighting a candle that she loves will show herthat she is on your mind. These scents will get her pulse racing.

How to Touch Her

How to Flirt with Your Wife

So often when life gets hectic, we go about our day without ever makingphysical contact. Taking the time to make that extra effort will change yourmarriage. A morning kiss, holding hands in the park, or simply brushing upagainst her when you pass will send signals of intimacy.

Each time you kiss your wife, hold it a little longer and wrap your armsaround her waist. Catch her off-guard while she folds the clothes or washesdishes. Don’t force the kiss to lead to anything other than that momenttogether. Don’t worry, it will lead to greater things later on.

When you caress your wife, focus on her entire body. Don’t just go forher breast or between her thighs. She has many sensitive places on her bodythat are often neglected. Let her guide you over her body and tell you whatshe feels with each place that you touch. Don’t just assume she wants to becaressed softly. Ask her what she desires.

How to Surprise Your Wife

How to Flirt with Your Wife

Marriage can grow predictable after time. You go through the same routineevery day and adapt. Surprising your wife with something special is theultimate flirtation device. Below are some ways to amaze your wife:

  • Wake up early and prepare her breakfast. Add flowers and nice linensfor a special effect.
  • Show up at her work for lunch. Whether you bring something and eatin, or take her out, the alone time will be most appreciated.
  • Send her flowers for no reason other than to express your love.
  • Schedule a date to her favorite place and keep it a secret until youarrive. The anticipation will keep her heart pumping and her skintingling.
  • Do household chores that you normally wouldn’t do. If the laundry isfolded and the floors are washes, that leaves her more time to giveattention to you.
  • Send her to the spa for a day without having to worry about thingsat home. Giving her a day to pamper herself will help her ease into thebedroom that night.

How to Add Variety to Your Sex Life

Just as our everyday lives become predictable, so do our sex lives. Awoman who gets nothing but quickies will grow resentful and view sex as achore rather than as fun. Granted you don’t have time for Tantric sexeveryday, but adding in sexual variety will keep the flirtation open on bothends.

Be creative in the bedroom. Explore with your wife and let her know howshe makes you feel. Understand that all sexual encounters don’t have to leadto intercourse. A simple session of kissing and caressing will let her wifeknow that you are in tune with her desires and it isn’t just about the endresult for you.

Try to have at least one sexual encounter a month that lasts over thecourse of one to two hours. Take this time to really explore each other’sfantasies and get to know the sexual side of your partner. Sex shouldn’t beembarrassing with your spouse and you should be open about your sexualambitions.

Buying her sex toys, lingerie, stockings, and heels will tell her thatyou find her attractive. It also sends the message that she can please youas well. After sex, talk with your wife about what you enjoyed and what youwould like to try. It sets up the next encounter and also sends the messagethat she can satisfy your needs.

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