How to Make Your Wife Fall in Love With You Again

Wondering how to make your wife fall in love with you again? Sometimes we have to admit that the spark has gone from our marriage, and that we probably aren’t even in love anymore. If you’re committed to maintaining your marriage and making your love work, then it would be wise to take steps to fall in love all over again.

Love Advice for Husbands – Ten Steps

Our goal is to provide the most sound love advice for husbands. Here’s ten steps to sparking love in your marriage again. These run the gamut from the ridiculously over the top to the mundane. Some combination of the below tactics will no doubt win the heart of your wife back, and re-ignite the flames that started your partnership.

1. Start a letter writing campaign. No woman can resits authentic love letters written by hand, and in these fast paced days when emails count as person contact, a hand-written letter is the perfect thoughtful gift. Put your most romantic thoughts and memories about her down on paper, and consider perfuming the paper for an over the top finish. Write one letter every week for a year and you’ll be amazed at the level of romance in your relationship.

2. Treat your wife like a girlfriend. Start flirting with your wife in public, or making passes at her when you’re home together. If you want to get you and your wife back to the place you were at when you first met, start treating her the way you did when you were young. Kiss her like you’ve never kissed her before, or lay compliments like you did when you were vying for her love.

3. Learn to love something she loves. Show appreciation for her hobbies. Go to the next book club meeting with her, or do like you’ve promised and attend the craft show where her work is for sale. Showing this kind of interest in your wife’s hobbies will give her a sense of pride and will endear you to her, besides allowing you to spend more time together and remind you of those exciting feelings you had for each other at the beginning of your relationship.

4. Become a memory-hound — celebrate a year of precious memories together, staging special events in the name of igniting your wife’s love. Create a photo book of your favorite memories together. Gather up old vacation video and have it professionally digitized with a new soundtrack you put together. Arrange for a restatement of your wedding vows. The idea behind this step is to remind your wife of the love you used to share. Anything you can think of that is special to the two of you — it is time to pull out the big guns and jar your wife’s memory.

How to Make Your Wife Fall in Love With You Again

5. Join a long class or series of lessons or lectures together. This can be anything — an exciting dance class like salsa or ballroom dancing will be good for your health and your romance while a class in vegetarian cooking or the basics of a foreign language can inspire you to change your life for the better. Whatever class you decide to take, pass it by your wife first so you don’t pick the wrong thing. After the class is over, take a trip or attend an event together that relates to the class. The longer the class, the better.

6.Buy your wife an exotic and over-the-top expensive gift. I wanted to include this here because for some women this would totally work. If you’re a man of means or you can work it out to where you can afford it — buy your wife a ridiculously fancy car, a huge home in a neighborhood she loves, or a luxury vacation trip around the world. Something totally over the top that she’ll never forget (and that you may never finish paying for). Some women admit that they can be bought, but only for the right price. This may be the gift that gets you back in your wife’s good graces.

7. You know that degree your wife couldn’t get because you started having kids? Tell your wife that you’ve finally realized that to be a complete person she needs to pursue her intellectual interests, and tell her you’ll support her for two years of graduate school so she can finally earn the Master’s in English Lit. This is not the most “warm and fuzzy” romantic move you can make, but showing your wife that you support her career, her future, and her need for intellectual stimulation will be proof that you love her for who she is and unconditionally.

8. Remember to put the toilet seat down. Okay — so I’m underplaying the truth of this step a little. If you want to win your wife’s love, you should constantly pay attention to the ‘little things’ in a relationship. I have never forgotten to put the toilet seat down, and my wife is totally blown away by that about me. If you used this same idealogy in your entire marriage, you wouldn’t have to worry about falling out of your wife’s favor. Get the little things right everyday and she’ll think you’re Superman.

9. THE BIG ONE, and this is a lifestyle thing — don’t offer a solution to every one of your wife’s problems. This is a classic male mistake. As men, we assume that when women complain they are looking for an answer to their problem. Big mistake — while every stereotype has its “offs”, most of the time, women aren’t interested in your stepping in to quickly save the day every time they have a problem. Sometimes your wife just wants to complain. Let her. This will make you feel less like a lover and more like a trusted friend. She’ll love you for it.

10. Get plastic surgery. Become the man of your wife’s dreams. Sculpt your body and your face into her ideal man. If all these other steps have failed, this is the only one that’s gonna help you.

If you find the love between you and your wife falling off, there are little things as well as big gestures you can make to do to improve the amount of romantic love that exists between you. Institute some of the above steps and you’ll see your wife running right back into your arms.

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