How to Make Your Wife Want You

“Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.” –Martin Luther

How do you make your wife want you? There are numerous ways that have been utilized throughout the years for husbands wanting to reignite the romantic flame. What are some ideas of how you can actually make you wife want you?

Here are five solid ways you can make your wife want you. These are five ideas that can work regardless of whether you are a newlywed or a long time married couple. Keep in mind that communication is the key ingredient in each of these ideas.

1- Using Romance to Make Your Wife Want You

A simple gesture like delivering flowers, candy or other gifts can lead to romance. If you want to make your wife want you then you should always surprise her. Nobody likes a predictable, boring relationship.

Make your wife want you by delivering surprises. But don’t overdo it. Surprises are fun and romantic because they are unique. If a woman expects a surprise gift once a week then it’s not a surprise at all.

At the same time, don’t just send gifts on Valentine’s Day or birthdays. Give a romantic gesture during the middle of the week.

2- Using Jealousy to Make Your Wife Want You

How to Make Your Wife Want You

Some use jealousy as a simple tool to gain attention. This could backfire but there is no harm in expressing a co-worker’s interest. Some women are further intrigued once their curiosity is spurred a bit by jealousy.

But never compare your wife to these unwanted romantic interests.

If your aim is to make your wife want you then point out that another woman is flirting, but you will have nothing to do with it because your heart rests with her instead.

Sometimes being a little jealous of her is also a good thing. Don’t go overboard and be one of those jealous individuals that becomes so possessive that it scares a woman. Instead, gently mention how you sometimes get jealous when another man looks her way. Say things like “I am the luckiest man alive to have married you. Every time I see another man look your way I just get excited that I was the lucky man to have captured your heart.”

You’ll be surprised at how comments like this can go a long way in making your wife want you.

3- Staying In Shape

Do your best to maintain your body and health. One has to feel attractive to beattractive. Feeling attractive comes down to being fit physically and mentally.

Making your wife want you requires presenting an attractive mate for her. It’s not as important that a body type is perfect, but it is important that a husband acts as if he still has that certain something.

At the same time express how much you are still attracted to her. Make sure to tell her that you are as attracted to her as the day you met. You can even add that you are now even more attracted to her because you love her more.

4- Using Aggression to Turn on Your Wife

How to Make Your Wife Want You

Being passive is not an answer for someone who wants their wife to want them. Be aggressive to show that you are still the man in control. Women love when a man can prove he is still the dominant force in a relationship.

That doesn’t mean you have to win every single argument or dictate what happens on a minute by minute basis. But you do need to be the aggressor when it comes to romantic moments. Be aggressive and don’t ever quit chasing her, even if you are already married.

5- Listen to Her

Women love a man who can listen to their problems or how their day went. A simple thing such as listening to your wife could lead to unexpected romance. If you are searching for cues on how to make your wife want you then you need to go no further than listening to your wife.

Find out what makes her tick by lending an ear in a romantic conversation. Don’t be afraid to talk about your own romantic feelings, wants and needs. Express your interest in her physically and mentally and that you still want her and your desire is for her to return the favor.

If you truly want to make her want you then make sure you know her wants and needs as well. Perhaps you’ll listen to her while you are giving her a massage. This might be the easiest path to lead to romance and make your wife want you.

These are five simple ways you can make your wife want you. Other tools and relationship ideas work too. Be generous, inquisitive, and warm.

You may be surprised at how much your wife will want you back if you take the steps mentioned above. Sometimes all it takes is to open up the communications lines. She is your wife, and she agreed to marry you for some reason. Find out what those reasons are and utilize those to keep her attracted to the man she met years ago.

Make a mental checklist of things you would like to say to her or do for her on a weekly basis. Some say that a great marriage takes 120%. Give effort around the house but don’t forget to be romantic as often as possible.

How to Make Your Wife Want You

Simple gestures can go a long way toward making your wife want you. Perhaps you’ll decide to do the dishes if that’s normally her chore. Buy her presents from time to time of a romantic nature.

Don’t pick up a coffeemaker and expect that to lead to romance. Lingerie, jewelry and flowers all have romantic rings to it. When you present her with these gifts make sure you tell her why you decided to give her something of this nature. Explain that you still love her with all your heart and that your desire is to always maintain the communications lines and keep the romantic flame burning long.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that love generally leads to romance. If you love your wife and show it then she will usually return the favor. You can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. You can do all the little things you know in your heart needs to be done and good things should follow.

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