What does bms mean in texting/Instagram

what does bms mean

What does bms mean in texting/instagram 2018 with real life examples let's solve it and clear your all doughts in seconds definition/meanings...

Hey guy’s  don’t  know meaning  of bms ?
 are you using Instagram and see a story where you see bms slang  word or may be you see bms on comments.
So question is what does bms mean ?
BMS – broke my scale
It’s  simply use for rating pictures beauty or praising someone by saying bms (you have no words for describing her beauty)that can be anything  may be dress,girl,boy anything.
You can also see this meaning  as rating  her beauty  from range between  0-10.
It’s  simple  as that.
what does bms mean
So how it’s  origin –
Bms- broke my scale
definitely  it’s  a new term which developed  by young generation  for short cut style of praising  or rating.
Nobody wants to write whole  sentence for simple meaning.
Just bms and all set.
Let’s  take a example and clear your all doughts =
you see any hot girl pic or your girlfriend  pic you just comment on that pic by saying  looking fab bms.
It’s  means she is looking  fab and you have no words for describing  her beauty.
Or you can also take this view
girls posted a story on Instagram and write here rate my pic between  0-10 scale.
Now you became dude and send her a reply bms(out of scale beauty or undescribed beauty ) you are.
She is impressed from you because  every one busy in rating and you just hit the goal.
Simple meaning in one word – just rating or undescribeble  things.
So it’s  time to answer your all questions which you have in your mind =

1.What does bms rate mean ? =

People use it for getting  rating from their followers between  0-10 scale.
By posting  pictures or stories.
You can also post it and get rating  from your followers.
Other view of this is
Bms-broke my scale it’s  means someone post his pic on Instagram  and he asked for rating you just type and comment it bms dude  or bms baby it’s  means she/he undescribeble  beautiful  means you have no words to describe her/he.
you can also say that they just broke the scale .

2.What does bms stand for ?


3.other most popular bms meaning is?

BMS=bitchy men syndrome.

4.what does BMS mean on Instagram ?

what does bms mean instagram


Already answered above this question let’s ans again.BMS used in Instagram as rating purpose people use it on their pictures and story and write caption as BMS this (it’s mean you need to rate this pic between scale of (0-10)
Or You can also see this BMS in other way like
Someone post picture or story on Instagram and write caption as rate me
You just write BMS (it’s mean he/she broke the scale of rating and you have no words for describing that picture)
Got it.
Completely !!
So guy’s  now you understand completely meaning of bms.
Now no more droughts  or confusion left on what does bms mean Instagram.
Direct step by step guide is  here.
I hope you enjoying  this guide.
Simple and easy to understand  article for you.
Now I am going to say last line
Which you already know ?
Don’t  forget to leave your valuable  comment  here.
Thank you
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