What does tfti mean ? Meaning/definitionexamples

what does tfti mean 2018

What does tfti mean meaning/definition examples 2018 complete full forms what does tfti stand more with complete example let's crack it...

If you are here after receiving “TFTI” as a reply and have know clue what it is means. Do not worry you are probably not the only who has no idea what it stands for or means because “TFTI” is an online acronym which is not popularly used nor is it used by many people. It certainly may not be as popular as “lol” (laughing out loud) but that does not mean it is not being used everyday by people around the globe.

what does tfti mean 2018

We are going to explain what “TFTI” in the most simple way through our classic questions and answers format.
Let’s get straight to the point and begin the questions and answers round.

What does “TFTI” stand for?

This is probably the first question you had on your mind when you came across this abbreviation. Well to answer this question- ‘TFTI’ can stand “Thanks for the invite” or “Thanks for the info”.

Like many other slang words it can be spelled in lowercase form as ‘tfti’; both the uppercase ‘TFTI’ and lowercase “tfti”are equally relevant and right. As both ‘TFTI’ or ‘tfti’ are used in informal conversations, it does not matter if it is in uppercase or lowercase.

What does “TFTI” mean?

Now that you know what ‘TFTI’ stands for, you are most probably considering when or where you should use it in a sentence. But to put ‘TFTI’ in a sentence, you need to know its meaning.
So let me explain:

Thanks for the invite. This is used when you are thankful to someone for inviting you. It shows your gratitude towards that person. It is short and impactful but also makes you feel closer to the person you are communicating to, as this is a slang word and slangs are only used amongst your friends and acquaintances.

Thanks for the info/ Thanks for the information. This is used either with your friends, co workers or anyone really. It is a short and polite way to thank the person you are talking to. But this can also be used in a sarcastic speech. If someone states an obvious, you can say “TFTI”. All just depends on the situation and subject.

What does ‘TFTI’ mean on social media(instagram, snapchat, twitter etc) and text?

We have explained the meaning of this acronym in the above questions. The meaning of ‘TFTI’ does not change on instagram, snapchat nor on text.

Since instagram and snapchat are one of the most popular platform to communicate, it is no surprise that ‘TFTI’ is used there with the same value and meaning.

Here are the examples of how ‘TFTI’ is used:

Thanks for the invite (TFTI)

Person 1: “heyyyy guess who is goin to Harry Styles’ concert??? And guess else is goin?”
Person 2: “heyyy omg youu?? And who else??”
Person 1: “YASSS mee and ofc u idiot!!”
Person 2: “OMG !!! No wayyy TFTI girlie”

Thanks for the information ( TFTI)

Person 1: “Hey, Mr. Kerry told me to tell you that you are going down town tomorrow with Jack to collect donations”
Person 2: “hey okay tfti”

Thanks for the information (TFTI) (sarcastic)

Person 1: “gosh my feet smell like my fart”
Person 2: “oh wow tfti”

We have come to the end now and l am sure you know what this slang ‘tfti’ stands for, its meaning and how to use it in a sentence.

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