what does ctfu mean ? Meaning/definition examples

what does ctfu mean 2018

What does ctfu mean meaning/definition examples 2018 all meaning what does ctfu mean in texting, social media and much more every meaning you will find it...

While roaming around on internet, you have surely come across this word-‘ctfu’. With the increase use of social media, there is no way you have dodged this word thrown at you whether it be while texting or seeing it on the trending memes.

Don’t worry! We have it all broken down into bits and pieces for you in questions and answer format. Here are well defined answers to some of the questions you may have regarding ‘CTFU’ with examples:

what does ctfu mean 2018


What does ctfu stand for?

what does ctfu mean and full forms

To answer that question, similar to the other informal words like ‘lol’ which stands for ‘laughing out loud’; ‘ctfu’ is also abbreviated from ‘crack the fuck up’ ‘cracks the fuck up’ ‘cracking the fuck up’. It all means the same. It is abbreviated to make the use of it easier and fun. It is internet slang.
So ctfu basically means:
· Crack the fuck up
· Crackin the fuck up
· Cracks the fuck up
· Cracking the fuck up
They all hold the same meaning, by that we are brought to our second question.

What is the meaning behind the use of ctfu?

Now that you know what ‘ctfu’ stands for, you are probably wondering when or where you should use it in a sentence. But to put ‘ctfu’ in a sentence, you need to know its meaning.

So let me explain its meaning:

· ‘Cracks the fuck up’ is popularly used for when you are laughing. It is used to explain how hard you are laughing, indicating that can you can hardly breathe from the laughter. From this you can sense the impact of the little abbreviation ‘ctfu’ have after finding its meaning.
· Cracking the fuck up is majorly used online. It is mostly used as a way to crack a joke.
· Crackin the fuck up can be used instead of ‘lol’ or ‘lmao’(laughing my ass off). The use of ‘ctfu’ is equivalent to the use of ‘lol’ or ‘lmao’ but it is more aggressive.
Use CTFU only when you want to express the intensity of your laughter or
when you want to show a sudden outburst of your laughter.

What does CTFU mean on social media?

By this point, most of you probably have gotten an idea of ‘ctfu’ and exactly know what it means but if you don’t do not worry. We will explain everything piece by piece.

This question is probably the reason why you have come searching for ‘what does ctfu mean?’

The truth is that ‘ctfu’ all mean the same whether it is texting or on social media.
It still means ‘cracks the fuck up’, ‘crackin the fuck up’, ‘crack the fuck up’ or ‘cracking the fuck up’. They All of them hold the same meaning on social media as explained above and actually you only really ever use ‘ctfu’ on social media other than chatting; you hardly ever use it in real life.

Though there may be one or two exceptions who might think it is cool to use it in real life but other than that ‘ctfu’ is only used while texting and on social media.

Here are the examples of how ‘ctfu’ is used:

“CTFU can’t believe mark wore a dress to prom”
“No way did she just rip her dress?? CTFU”
“Just saw Jess and Maya fight I’m CTFU”

Now the other example of CTFU used on memes:

We have come to the end now and I am sure you know what this slang-CTFU- stand for, it’s meaning, how to use it and when to use it. One last message is to never use it in real life unless you want the other person talking you to frown at you. It is internet slang for a reason. I hope this was helpful. Stay on the safe side and only use it online and while texting.

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