What does smh mean in texting/Instagram

what does smh mean definition/exaples

What does smh mean in texting/Instagram 2018 with real life exaples most simple definition you will find it here what does smh stand for definition...

Don’t know the meaning of smh ?
Here I explain you what does smh mean in texting/Instagram ?
simple and easy definition for you with real life examples so you can relate it and understand it better.
every single query in your mind will be cleared here from origin.
so guys are you ready to learn what does smh mean and how it born on social media.
Lets dive in.
what does smh mean definition/exaples

What does smh mean ?

what does smh mean
it’s all about ‘shaking my head’ its used for showing disappointment.
you can easily relate it with your real life.
their is many events happen in life where you  show your disappoint or saying no by shaking head.
Example – your dad refuges you to buy a iPhone to you you simply text him on whatsapp as ‘smh’
smh is better than writing whole sentence shaking my head.
Just write smh simple and easy to send.
short and sweet.
Anothar example is happiness
example – you get party from that friend which unexpected and unimaginable for you.
Than you say smh bro and you enjoying that moment by shaking head.

Smh origin –

you already know who invent it.
Of course we young generation who love short sentences to express more.
old generation is too old and lazy to invent these types of words.
So young peoples cheers?? for invention.
And its to be continued no stoppage here new inventions going on daily basis.
So keep connected with us and get all updated and in depth guide on these types of slang.

What does smh mean in texting.

So guys ans is same shaking my head you can use this smh  in texting as showing emotions like disappointment or happiness.
so guys chat with your buddy’s and whenever you get opportunity to use it just text it and enjoy.
Smh mean on Instagram/snapchat
Peoples share smh posts on instsgram with hashtags #smh you can search it and find lots of smh posts in seconds.
People also use smh on insta stories to show disappoint of their life.
And you can also find same thing in snapchat.
So guys this is the post all about what does smh meaning and definition.
I hope you get your answer and understand it.
simple and effective real life examples.
All types of major queries solved here.
if you have still left a dought on your mind than share view comments lets solve and clear every single query from your mind.
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