What does sos mean in texting (definition/examples)

what does sos mean

What does sos mean in texting What does does stand for,definition with real life examples complete in depth guide let's learn it....

SOS ?? confused huhh !!!!
it’s basically a helping word. Mostly used by army,military or ship.
They use sos term as “save our souls ” in life threatening condition.
Whenever something danger happen on any situation this term used for help.
  what does sos mean
SOS is “Save Our Souls (Help!)”
it’s more effective and powerful term than a simple help me/help.
It’s shows complete situation and describe whole condition of that time.
Whenever this term is used it’s sure someone in danger condition.
Because it’s only used on dangerous conditions.
  what does sos mean
Here is the some abbreviations of sos
sos -save our souls (help)
Sos – save our study (students)
Sos – save our ships (ships)
Sos – (son of sardar) (movie)
Sos definition (simple words) –
Asking for help in miserable life threatening condition sos is used
And it’s full form is save our soul’s.
Sos international definition
in extreme distress situation sending signals of helps by sos one ship to another ships.
it’s an international code of signal of help for ships.
They send sos signals whenever distress situation happen.
what does sos mean in texting
Sending sos message through text service,WhatsApp,Facebook, Instagram.
just young generation things.
Communication much easier now.
Example –
Let’s elaborate every four example of this post.
1. Sos (save our souls)
you see Titanic movie when ship drowning in water they send helping sos message to other ships for helping.
Because their is life threatening situation happen.
It’s a emergency helping term.
2.sos (save our study)
when you read too much and hard work alot in study but unable to get good marks in academic.
Then your father says forget the study come on work from tomorrow.
But you love study and don’t want to work.
Then you use sos (save our study).
People helps you to save your study.
3.sos (save our ships)
you are going to tour on holidays by ship.
But ship get damaged and start drowning on water.
Then people send message to other ships to save our ship we are in danger.
4. Sos (son of sardar)
you hanging out with Friends and family members.
You got bored and plan to watch a movie.
Movie name is son of sardar.
You say let’s see sos movie.
so guy’s I hope you just wipe out all the doughts from your brain on sos topic.
what is sos,sos meaning in depth guide with examples complete here.
If you have any dought or sos from any other situation let us know view comment.
So we solve your dought from origin.
Let’s set go.
Don’t forget to comment.
Thank you
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