Borshway 260W Box

In spite of its European-sounding name, the Borshway 260 VW box mod comes from China.

As the name suggests, this is a 260W device; one of the most powerful products around.

Below you will read about some of the features, plus some pros and cons to buying a Borshway 260 mod.


Right off the bat, the size of a 260W mod no matter who makes it is going to be a hurdle for a few people. This one measures 118.5 mm long by 69 mm wide by 30 mm deep. It is one of the largest devices of its kind.

This is to allow space for three 18650 batteries which take up quite a bit of room. But you need all three cells if you are going to reach a maximum 260W.

Of course, you don’t have to fire at the maximum temperature, but this is not a telescopic product. You can’t make it smaller just because you only want to insert two batteries and set watts at 100W for a change.

Features of the Borshway 260

You do not have to take the batteries out, but if you do there is reverse battery protection in case cells are replaced upside down.

A micro USB port allows you to charge without removing the batteries for safety and convenience. This port is located at the very bottom of your box so you will have to remove the tank you were using if juice remains in it; otherwise, it will be laid on its side and there is the risk of leakage.

Vent holes are located around the port. These allow hot air to escape.

Other safeguards are low resistance protection, protection against a shorted circuit, and high current/temperature defense.

Battery Lid

As I mentioned, you can replace the batteries, and to do so you need to remove the lid. Many mods come with screw-in lids which are considered safer, especially where children are concerned, but a pain. Screws are tiny and they roll away. Magnets are simpler. Opt to attach your lid using either system.

Atomizer Connection

The threading for your atomizer is 510 and replaceable. Attach any atomizer you like which could include a rebuildable tank such as the Aspire Atlantis or an RDA like the Plume Veil. Your minimum resistance is 0.3 ohms, so be sure your tank is prepared to handle the low ohms you are expecting to achieve.


Borshway’s symbol appears to be a dragon-lion head; a hybrid I can’t completely identify. It’s an aggressive beast like the 260W mod itself.

Your buttons for changing watts are located on the face below this symbol. Fire your mod using a side button. Choose red, blue, or black as your preferred color when ordering this mod online.

Ordering the Borshway 260

Herein lays the challenge: finding a reputable distributor for the Borshway 260. Unless you are happy shopping with a general discount e-commerce company rather than a vapor store, you might have problems locating stock in the United States. When you do, there are some wild price variations.

One location listed the Borshway 260 for almost $200. Another featured this box mod at around $135. Be aware that batteries might not be included; perhaps not even a charging cable. Find out for certain what is included in the price and only buy your product from an authorized dealer.

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