Tesla 200W TC

A Tesla 200W mod was made to be used by people who know what high-watt, TC (temperature control) vaping can do for their love of e juice vapor. If you have never operated a 200-watt box mod before but have operated something similar at a lower output level (an Innokin Cool Fire IV or JoyeTech eVic VTC, for instance), the Tesla 200W could be your next step.

The Tesla 200W Box Mod

Tesla made this high-tech metal box in three colors: red, black, and gray. Thanks to excellent marketing and top-notch quality, many suppliers are sold out of at least one color, so pick your second choice and don’t wait: this is one of vapers’ favorite mods of 2015.

Double Barreled

The Tesla 200W TC operates on the strength of two batteries: 18650 high-drain cells (brand name items are recommended). They come out to be recharged, so if you own 4 batteries, keep two charged all the time in order to replenish power easily and quickly. A magnetic back door keeps your batteries snug and secure. Venting holes at the very bottom let out hot air and pressure.

Temperature Control

Vapers not only have the advantage of operating a mod with a maximum output of 200 watts; you also own a device capable of temperature control. That’s not the same as overheating protection. With Temperature Control mode, vapers are able to select a temperature they want to vape at and the mod will not reach a higher temperature.

In order to maintain the value of your choice, a microchip sets watts accordingly, lowering them as special coils reach and maintain the temperature you chose. Use the buttons along one side to select a mode and go up and down with temperature or volts (never both at the same time).

Temperature Control Coils

In order to operate in TC mode (200F to 600F), you have to use an atomizer with TC coils: either pre-build heads or a DIY RBA head. Attach a Nickel 200 coil in order to bring resistance right down to 0.08 ohms. In Variable Wattage mode it is possible to operate at higher resistance and still be in the sub-ohm region with Kanthal wire. TC vaping offers several advantages, however: thicker vapor, no dry hits from burnt-out coils, lower energy consumption, and lower temperature output.

Build Quality

The Tesla 200W TC Vape Mod is finished in carbon fiber which provides grip and visual texture to an aluminum frame. Outside, you also see an OLED screen displaying your choice of operation mode and values achieved in that setting: watts, temperature, volts, and resistance. The screen gives you insight into the batteries’ remaining power too.


People make mistakes and machines malfunction. It is with these facts in mind that Tesla installed their protective microchip; the same little PCB that powers your screen and facilitates power regulation. Tesla reassures vapers with protection against replacing batteries upside down: reverse polarity could cause a short circuit (you’re guarded against that too).

Your mod is protected from low resistance or low voltage. Don’t fear overheating: when you operate in wattage mode, the Tesla’s PCB keeps an eye on temperature and will not let you exceed the limit set above. If your wattage setting is going down when you didn’t change the value, it shows the temperature safeguard doing its thing.

The Tesla 200W TC Box Mod doesn’t look glamorous with its simple box-like dimensions and not stylistic deviations from the norm but the insides are beautifully and protectively arranged for a safe, quality experience. Vapers will want to come back for more Tesla hardware.

Stay Connected

Tesla employs a silver spring coated with brass plating for your atomizer connection. This 510 threading well accommodates assorted tanks like the Horizon Arctic, Sense Cyclone, or the SMOK TFV4. Choose your own tank or let a vendor collect items to form a kit of compatible pieces (atomizer tank, extra coils, batteries, and a charger). This could also provide you with savings if a sales person is able to classify your collection as a “starter kit” and apply a discount.

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