Vaporfi VOX 50

When Vaporfi develops a product, they always do it with class. An example is their Vaporfi Vox 50 Mod.

While almost every American vaping company sells e cigs in a variety of levels, they do not go so far as to design and sell everything from a mini cig to a variable wattage box mod.

Then Vaporfi came along and decided to change things for vapers.

While the Express works for newbies and the Rocket gives intermediate vapers even greater power, the Vaporfi Vox 50 Mod reflects a strong interest in the variable wattage line seen also in the VaporShark DNA, Sigelei 100 Watt, and Hana Modz. Vaporfi was never one to let a trend go by without taking a look.

Vaporfi Vox 50 Mod Specifications

The mod is available on its own, a stainless steel work of art that is no box and not a tube either. A bright OLED screen shows ohms, volts, watts, and battery power.

There are three buttons: one to operate your mod (turn it on and off) and one each to turn power up and down.

Select a level of watts and a particular atomizer, one able to vape at low resistance, and your device will do two things. It reads the resistance of your atomizer and then chooses voltage relating to resistance and watts. This prevents winding up with too many volts for safe operation, which could wreck your atomizer and battery.

With a smart chip inside the device, your Vox 50 is intelligent. It knows what you need, such as a little warning about battery reversal or damage control following a shorted circuit (it shuts off automatically).

Obviously, the battery must come out of the Vox and don’t take that feature for granted. Many box mods are built with the battery inside, not to be removed. In this case you can remove the 2100-mAh battery to charge it or leave it inside when you charge and continue vaping (something called a pass-through feature). Vent holes ensure you can’t overheat this high-capacity battery.

Set yourself up with from 3 to 8.5 volts or 7 to 50 watts. Choose ohms as high as 3 and as low as 0.2. Threading is 510 for compatibility with multiple RBAs and RDAs, but Vaporfi has developed their own rebuildable dripping atomizer for your convenience. It was designed to work with the Vox 50.

Vox 50 Starter Kit

You pay $199.99 for the mod on its own, but you can also choose to own it as part of a kit. Costing $249.99, this package contains your choice of an RDA or tank, 4 O-rings, screws, a screwdriver, a drip tip, and the 2100-mAh battery you will need to get all systems up and running.

The Bolt was designed for vaping at low ohms: it is perfect for creating big clouds. If you like the Bolt RDA, it is compatible with many other mods too besides the Vox 50.

Obviously, this means the Vox 50 is compatible with other atomizers. Use one that can satisfy your desire for sub-ohms and amazing vapor products, especially a dripping atomizer. You probably won’t need to think about pairing possibilities, though: this was a match made in vaporizer heaven.

Vaporfi VOX 50 Mod








  • – 50 Watts Of Power
  • – Has Recommended Tanks
  • – 6 Month Warrranty


  • – Not Cheap
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