VaporShark DNA 30

With several DNA mods on the market, many of them 30 watt devices, you might feel like you need a good reason to buy one priced $170. Some 30 watt mods cost around $100, while there are 150 watt box mods costing around $150, but not all mods are made alike even if they look to be basically the same thing. Vapers need to look past the surface.

How the VaporShark DNA 30 Mod Differs

But over time, designers have been playing around and improving features of their devices. VaporShark made some changes to their DNA 30 so it is easier to use than before. But is it better than a $100 device?

With the Evolv chip inside, I would say yes: this is the original chip, not a Yihi clone, so you are getting the highest quality chip available. VaporShark also designed their own box rather than buying bits from a supplier which are common to everyone else (including DIY customers) who wants to make and sell a 30 Watt box mod.

It looks similar to others by Pioneer4You and Sigelei, but not exactly the same. VaporShark took comments from clients and used those to recreate their original box so that it was not just better than before but better than the competition’s box mods.

Surface Details

The VaporShark is one of the smallest — if not the smallest — device of its kind available. Most box-style e cigs measure 3 or more inches long, but the VaporShark clocks in at 2.9 inches. Depth is 0.7 inches and width 1.4 inches. It’s not a whole lot smaller than the rest, but when you are talking about fitting something in your pocket or bag and hoping it will be light and discrete, these fractional differences matter.

Zinc aluminum alloy has been used to create the box. It’s sturdy enough to handle the average knocks and bumps experienced during a regular day. Rather than offering shades like metallic red, orange, and blue, VaporShark stuck with stealthy, sleek good looks.

Internal Structure

Organization within this DNA box mod is now improved so it looks neater inside than before. You will see a chip and the battery (sold separately). This chip controls your device so you are able to set watts as low as 7 and up to 30, but the chip also recognizes voltage and resistance, measuring these and picking out safe values for you to vape at according to which atomizer you are using. These values pop up on the screen.

Sub-ohm vaping presents the kind of challenge some vapers love. You can wrap coils too low and the machine won’t handle it, but the VaporShark mod detects too-low resistance. The lowest resistance is still very low at 0.5 ohms.

External Features

On the outside you will see a USB charging port, 510 connection, spring-loaded center pin, metal firing button, and laser etched logo (VaporShark). Many of these aspects have also been improved but are still based on designs made by VaporShark, a Florida e cig company. A number of tanks and rebuildable atomizers will fit onto the thread. It runs on a 1200-mAh battery which can be recharged right inside the box.

Why the Evolv Chip?

This was the first and is still the best chip available. Evolv has made it to operate at a low temperature and to detect dangers inherent to vaping mods. These include risks from the battery like over-discharge and overheating.

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