SMY God 180s V2

Odd name for a box mod: SMY God. At least I think so. It is a bold statement of sorts and I can’t say I agree with it. Yep: this mod surpasses all others for highest watt capacity, but it does not drop to the lowest ohms ratings I have seen. Some 150W mods can handle 0.15 and even 0.1-ohm atomizers. The makers of this variable watt mod might be a little arrogant.

One Aspect of Supremacy

The SMY God 180s V2 is better than all the rest in one respect: it is more attractive than any other box mod out there. The SMY is colorful, stylish, and has the look of something which was made professionally.

Many of the Chinese VW mods you will find could have been configured by any DIY modder in his basement using pieces available from specialist vendors of no distinction.

Not this one: there are 5 colors, three wide “stripes” on either side, a big screen right in the center of its face, and two very small buttons arranged neatly below. The effect is extremely tidy and organized unlike some designs with an almost random appearance to them.

SMY God 180s V2: Something Changed

Why is this known as Version 2? What did the manufacturers do differently? Besides calling it the 180s, they also added additional wattage capacity to a high of 220W. The feat has been accomplished; box mods have now exceeded 150W.

Customers used to enjoy a low of 0.5 ohms, but now they can sub-ohm vape at 0.2 to 4.0 ohms and between 5W and 220W using three batteries. Those are not included, by the way. I just wonder why, with such high watts, you can’t attach the lower-resistance tanks. It’s a small point, this difference of a fraction of an ohm, but it seems to matter to vapers.

Other Features of the SMY God 180s V2

Aluminum is used to create a shiny but tough finish which is also light for a totally portable experience. Vent holes, I guess, were forgotten in a previous life because the makers highlight their inclusion in the current model. Who forgets vent holes?

Anyway, with those in place, you do not have to worry quite so much about the mod overheating. It can still happen, but not if you vape sensibly. A screen shows volts, watts, and ohms (it reads resistance in real time).You can vape for longer, thanks to those three 18650 batteries.

All variable watt mods are protected from at least a few potential mishaps, thanks to their inner chip (it doesn’t say on the Element Vape site which chip they are using). I did not see “reverse-battery protection” but this mod guards the device and user against problems caused by a shorted circuit, low voltage, overcharge, or high temperatures. Use the on/off button to prevent anyone using the mod for something it was not intended for.

Buy it at Element Vape

Purchase this box mod from Element Vape when it is back in stock. They charge $129.99 for the box which measures 119 x 69 x 30 mm.

Other excellent options that are not as good looking but are very good value for the performance they provide are made by Sigelei, Cloupor, and others. Cloupor’s T8 is a 150W mod, so not as powerful, but still a good performer.

With an Atomizer

I would like to know a little more, like how easy it is to get the batteries in and out or whether the SMY can be used as a pass-through mod. I would like to learn if the atomizer pin is adjustable so as to fit any atomizer flush to the box.

For an atomizer to be suitable, it must be capable of handling the higher temperatures of up to 220W, so your best bet is to attach a rebuildable dripping atomizer.

These will create great flavor from high temperatures: low resistance is just one deciding factor determining which mods are best for your vaping pleasure. Higher watts are sure to add warmth to your favorite flavors.

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