SX Mini By Yihi

Yihi microchips for variable watt mods crop up repeatedly to the point that one has to wonder: why doesn’t Yihi just make their own variable watt mod?

They have, actually, and it’s flying out the door faster than you can say Sub-ohm Cloud Chaser. The following is a review of the SX Mini by Yihi priced $189.99.

Yihi Mini for Maximum Effect

While it is deceptively small to sit in the palm of one’s hand, the Yihi Mini actually packs a decent punch. Choose output of 5watts and up to 60W from a slim mod no bigger than the iStick 30W. Adjust resistance down to a phenomenal 0.15 ohms. Select a voltage range between 1 and 9.5. Output current is 40A.

The mini is so small its screen measures less than 1″ in width. Customers reviewing their SX by Yihi are not complaining about its tiny size, though: they say the OLED display is lovely, bright, and clear.

Not only does it show all the relevant values (plus some irrelevant ones like joules) but the screen re-orients itself depending on how you hold the mod. Like a Smart Phone screen it flips thanks to a gravity sensor, courtesy of Yihi’s microscopic computer chip.

I mentioned that 60W is the maximum power, but that is not strictly true. You can adjust to by-pass mode with your Yihi Mini Mod and forget the screen, thereby achieving a maximum of 85W with your 18650 battery. Typically only advanced vapers use a variable watt mod, but vaping with a mechanical device is an even more advanced skill.

Three Battery Modes

Reviewers rave about the three modes featured on the SX Mini. These are powerful, standard, and soft. In other words, choose the power of your vaping, not just the temperature. This will affect flavor, throat hit, and more. There is also a memory mode with multiple settings for optimum convenience.

Protective Mod

As vapers have come to expect from VW devices, this vaping product contains internal safeguards just in case a vaper becomes overzealous or some element of his arsenal malfunctions. Say he wraps a coil and his meter reads “0.2 ohms” but the real resistance is “1 ohm.” Yihi’s smart chip turns off your device before it shorts out.

Imagine you are re-installing the battery and put it in the wrong way around. Rather than make an ominous popping sound followed by a puff of smoke, the Yihi automatically switches off and gives you a message: reverse battery. The same is true for overheating and low voltage. You won’t be guessing values unless you operate in by-pass mode.

For Appearance Sake

If manufacturers didn’t play around with design, their boxes would all look the same, but not all mods are made alike. So that their vaping device stands out, Yihi has given it a folded appearance: softly rounded on one side. You might compare this with a soft book cover or folded blanket and expect, when touching it, to find the exterior as soft as linen. Yihi textured this aluminum/stainless steel product for excellent grip.

Attaching an Atomizer

Threading is said to be great although the spring-loaded pin is not adjustable. You will want to choose an RBA, RDA, or sub-ohm tank of some quality to make your investment of nearly $200 mean something. What’s power without quality? Select something great like a Tobh or a Plume Veil. If you plan to vape at slightly higher ohms and don’t feel like dripping or paying a small fortune for your atomizer, the Kanger Subtank is excellent.

Buy the SX Mini by Yihi

Your hefty little device isn’t sold everywhere. Exclusive retailers are warning customers that they can’t expect to receive their chosen color because they are selling out of stock too rapidly.

If you buy the current mod and want to upgrade to a higher-watt model when it comes out, Yihi has made this one upgradeable so you are not throwing your money away. Swap the chip and carry on puffing with the hardware you will come to love.

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