Hana Modz V4D Collection

The Hana Modz V4D collection refers to their new 40W device.

It employs the Evolv chip to control a vaporizer up to 40 watts or between 1 and 9 volts, creating excellent vapor under strict control.

Learn more about these devices by Hana Modz here.

Several Boxy Shapes

Hana Modz offers the same 40W maximum wattage, but in various styles. The B4 is a slim brass unit. The V4s is another narrow box. A V4m is wider and the V4d is wider than the other two but fractionally longer than a V4d.

All of them are controlled by the new Evolve 40W chip and are created from 6061 Billet Aluminum (aircraft grade). If you were expecting artistic geometry, I’m afraid right angles are the name of the game.

The Newest Chip

Evolv’s latest micro chip can’t compete with the Yihi and others reaching 200W or more, but Evolv argues they don’t have to. They state that high watts and high temperature are not the same things. You can create excellent vapor at 40W utilizing low ohms safely to produce a rich flavor and dense plumes.

Evolv’s DNA microchips are US-made and Hana Modz devices have been built with them since the beginning. Of course, you always pay extra to buy a VW APV made in the United States. These are no exception

High Hana Modz Prices

Suppress surprise at seeing a price tag up to $240 from authorized retailers. There is no such thing as a “cheap” Hana Modz VW mod. Various models and dimensions are listed at around $200 to $240, more than twice the price of higher-powered Chinese units.

That doesn’t stop vapers from snapping them up. I see “sold out” often when searching for these limited edition box mods. It could be that safety trumps economy, or that vapers are patriotic.

DNA 40 Specifications from Evolv

Vendors post many details about the chip, or you can go to the Evolv website and look it all up in a PDF file. The lowest resistance you can fire at depends on your coil: standard (0.16 ohms) or nickel (0.1 ohms). You are guarded against overheating your coil and the wick in your atomizer tank. If it gets too hot, the wick or cotton can dry out. Holding a hot device is also uncomfortable.

Besides temperature protection, the chip monitors for a shorted circuit, low ohms, low voltage, and lets you lock it to a certain maximum temperature. The default is 450F, but you can set it to a maximum of 600F by unlocking this mode and locking it again at your desired maximum value.

OLED Warning Codes

Read error codes on a narrow front-mounted, oval, vertical screen. The display tells you when something has gone wrong. The box itself might stop operating or it could refuse to operate at your desired watts until the problem is solved (low voltage, for example).

Automatic power-saving modes stop you from using up battery power through neglect. Leave the device turned on but untouched for too long and the screen will dim or go dark. The whole box will shut down if you do not press the firing button regularly after turning it on.

Color Preferences and Limited Numbers

Hana Modz has chosen a number of pretty, vivid, metallic shades for their box mods as contrasts to their phantom/graphite, black, and gunmetal styles. Select purple, copper, green, red, or navy blue. Go stealthy or be bold: various personalities have been taken into consideration.

Hana Modz V4D products are available through a handful of authorized retailers carrying a limited number of each model and each color. Do not expect these to come on sale: they won’t sit on shelves long enough.

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