Infinite RDNA 40 Mod Clone

A Chinese company called Infinite is known for manufacturing some excellent clones of limited edition mods. Vivid Smoke lists more than 20 products by Infinite of which several are clones: the Orchid RBA, Hobo and Stillare RDAs, Cartel V1 and 4Nine mods, for instance. Their version of VaporShark’s RDNA 40 Mod is another example of their mimicking prowess.

Infinite RDNA 40 Mod Clone Review

You’ve come to expect a set of standards from box mods: variable voltage and wattage, an ohms meter, screen, and all of it powered by an internal chip. The chip is tiny but, like the ones in your computer, capable of great feats.

In this case, you get the option of choosing up to 40 watts or between 1 and 9 volts. Selecting wattage instead is considered preferable, however, because if you select volts, you have to calculate ideal resistance.

When you select watts, your device reads the atomizer’s resistance and chooses volts accordingly. The only thing you have to do is choose or wrap coils to a resistance no lower than the accepted minimum for your mod.

With the RDNA 40 from Infinite, this minimum is 0.16 ohms (stated as 0.3 and 0.1 ohm by two separate vendors). Infinite doesn’t run its own website: just a page on Alibaba and a Facebook account. It’s not easy to navigate their products or get the right answers, but vendors do a decent job and frequently recommend Infinite clones, which should provide some peace of mind.

But I’m not sure how much experience Infinite (founded in 2013) has with the Box Mod style. Their usual fare is mechanical mods.

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