Kanger Aerotank-Turbo

The e cig world tries to be a green world, making products to be as re-usable as possible. The less stuff vapers have to throw away, the better.

To encourage a responsible attitude from customers and to support their efforts to go green, manufacturers have made rebuildable atomizers to fit with rechargeable batteries. The Kanger Aerotank-Turbo is one such device.

Kanger Trend

Kanger is responsible for making many of the tanks and clearomizer that vapers trust most: the Protank I, II, and III, Aerotank, EVOD, and a new sub-ohm tank for cloud chasing with high-watt mods. The Aerotank-Turbo has recently been updated and belongs to their mid-range of products.

Turbo Features

An updated version of the Aerotank-Turbo by Kanger comes with two dual coils, an adjustable air valve, and an adjustable battery connector. That makes threading onto the Kanger EVOD, Aspire CF, or a VW box mod much smoother and more reliable. Because this is the Turbo (large) version of Kanger’s Aerotank measuring 30 mm by 78 mm, the A-T’s width sits sensibly atop large mechanical mods (26650 versions) against which a regular-sized Aerotank would look puny.

The Aerotank-Turbo is constructed from Pyrex glass and SUS304 (food-grade) stainless steel. Why are these materials worth mentioning? Pyrex is one of the strongest types of glass available and, like all glass, provides a neutral container for all liquids. It will not affect the flavor of your juice and powerful juices are not going to cause the tube to crack. If it does crack because you dropped it from a height without a sleeve, the tank tube can be replaced independently of other parts, like the airflow valve or caps.

Stainless steel is another neutral and hygienic choice. It’s a medium that won’t release fumes as your tank liquid heats up.

Buying the Aerotank-Turbo Online

If Kanger’s pedigree convinces you to try the Aerotank-Turbo with its 6-ml tank capacity, you can buy it online from a variety of vendors. They include companies that carry eGos and those that list mods because Kanger clearos and tanks are preferred by many vapers.

VaporBeast is a great resource because their pictures of the Aerotank-Turbo are excellent and helpful. They go into detailed description of the product and also sell it for a great, low price of under $20. Customers can also acquire replacement heads, tubes, and other parts from the same source or shop around.

More from Kanger

If you liked what you saw but were not sure you could do justice to a 6-ml tank, there are many other options. The EVOD is frequently copied by vape companies for its excellent vapor and leak-proof design. This style of clearo is slim and attractive with a colored sleeve and viewing window.

Their smaller clearomizers are extremely cheap and ideal when all you want to do is fire up a 650-mAh battery with some cheap liquid. Plastic tubes make these durable but unsuitable for tank-cracking liquids, but most juices don’t crack tanks anyway. You can also throw these away after a week when they only cost $2 or $3 each.

But that’s defeating your green purpose: stick with rebuildable units like the EVOD (atomizer heads can be replaced) and high-quality vessels that will last. Go with Kanger because they don’t sell the type of products you can’t dispose of quickly enough.

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