Sigelei 150W Box

The high-watt mod format comes in a wide range of shapes that resemble a box, some of which are truly geometric in nature.

Other shapes are creative combinations of rounded elements and right angles.

The Sigelei 150W mod merely varies the ubiquitous box shape by shaving off each of its four corners, which is the only time Sigelei cuts corners with their mod.

Considering how potent their device is, it would be unwise to leave out any safety features, and Sigelei surely does not.

Their mod contains the safeguards to ease fearful vapers without cutting back on the potential for pure power.

The Elements of Power

What makes for a really high-powered mod these days?

Offering 10 to 150 watts variation would do it. When your mod can reach a level like that, your atomizer resistance can be as low as 0.1 ohms.

Vape mod designs have reached a point where there is virtually no resistance at all. For something with such power to operate, a pair of 18650 batteries is required whereas many smaller mods (up to 50 watts) can make do with just one piece.

Batteries are not included when you buy a mod with removable cells like this one. Since they come out, consumers are able to recharge empty cells, replacing them with freshly charged ones so as not to lose vape time.

Putting on the Reigns

But power like that can be a gift and a curse. With resistance at nearly zero, it is not hard to short a circuit. Wrap a coil to less than 0.1 ohms and your box could go bang.

That is why Sigelei installed a chip to protect against possible pitfalls like a shorted circuit, low voltage, high voltage, and high temperatures.

A combination of 0.1 ohms and 150 watts is enough to overheat your $100+ box mod (prices vary from one vendor to another, but online prices are usually best).

Showing Off

The Sigelei 150W is not a mechanical mod and you need a display screen to show values such as volts (from 7.4 to 8.2), ohms, and watts. These give you a clear picture of what’s happening on the inside before warning codes have to be displayed or the unit has to shut itself off.

A rectangular screen is positioned on one narrow side beside two small and one large circular buttons. The two small ones change volts/watts up and down. A large button acts as your on/off switch.

Once in a while, it is a good practice to read your atomizer, volts, and watts with a separate meter to ensure the mod is reading accurately.

Making Adjustments

A vaper could choose from many suitable atomizers worthy of a mod like this, mostly RDAs. Their threading designs differ so that some will naturally sit flush with particular mods and others won’t. With an adjustable pin, you can mount almost any atomizer (tank, RBA, RDA) flush with the mod.

Remember that there will be juices you enjoy best at 1.5 ohms and just 10 watts, and others you prefer at 0.5 ohms and 40 watts. If you can adjust the pin, several models suit your purposes without looking strange. Try a JoyeTech Delta II, Aspire Atlantis, Tobh, IGO, or RSST.

Looking Good

Do you buy an e liquid vaping device costing $100 to $150 without considering its color? If you had no choice of color, then fine; but Sigelei has finished these mods in silver, black, red, and blue. They measure 103 mm x 23 mm x 59 mm without an atomizer so a Sigelei 150W had better look good poking out of your pocket or the top of your bag.

Other Options

Pioneer4You has also launched a 150W mod called the IPV. Like Sigelei’s version, it’s flying off of shelves into the hands of extreme vapers. This is not a toy; something for inexperienced consumers to play with. It can overheat and, in spite of protective settings, has the potential to be destroyed by inept handlers.

Don’t spend your money unless your last mod was a lower-volt item rated 30W to 50W or more. If the closest you’ve come so far is a Vision Spinner, your time hasn’t come yet.

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