SMY 60w Box

SMY is a little bit overshadowed by the likes of Sigelei, Pioneer4You, and Eleaf, but don’t forget them when you are comparing devices and prices.

Check them out online where there are numerous vendors carrying their vaping equipment.

This manufacturer makes some very good box mods which are highly regarded in the vaping community.

Even people who vaporize materials other than e liquids turn to their products like the 60W regulated box mod in preference to a strictly-herbal vaporizer. It is not only effective as a vaporizer, but also visually arresting and unique.

Color Screen

Primary among its aesthetically eye-catching features is the color OLED screen on one face. Most screens display various values in one color; typically white, red, or blue. By a “color screen,” though, I mean that the SMY 60 watt is capable of displaying values and graphics in multiple colors, not just one.

This just makes the whole act of vaping much more fun. If you add a tank with colored glass to the set up (perhaps one to match the shade of box mod you selected), your pairing would indeed be pleasing.

Choose red, black, or blue with silver accents for your box mod which is otherwise a box in the traditional sense.

Electronic Features

Your box mod is powered by a single 18650 battery which is not included. Buy a battery plus the mod and your total price will come to around $100 ($90 for the mod), plus shipping if you buy from an authorized vendor whose prices are competitive.

With a sub-ohm tank attached plus a charger, your entire kit should cost no more than $160 if you opt for a value RTA, RBA, or RDA. Select something special from the section marked “authentic, limited edition” from your chosen vendor and this could be a $200 kit, but don’t spoil a good bargain with a pretentious purchase. You don’t need to: Youde atomizers and others are sufficient.

A built-in microchip protects your device if you replace the battery incorrectly and the contacts are reversed. You are protected against low voltage, a short circuit, and high temperatures which are typical when firing a mod at maximum watts and minimum resistance (0.3 ohms in this case). If any of these problems is detected, the mod won’t self-destruct.

Recharge and Keep Vaping

Remove the battery and recharge it or replenish power using the USB port built into the SMY 60 watt. You can see how much of a charge remains by reading this on your screen. The OLED display also shows how many puffs you have taken during a session, the time, and date besides watts/volts.

It’s thicker than an iPhone by a considerable degree but the designers had an iPhone in mind when they determined style and shape.

The SMY 60 watt box mod measures 98.5 mm by 56 mm by 26 mm. With that built-in micro-port, you are able to vape while charging, a feat known as “pass-through vaping.”

More Elements of Design

The SMY 60 watt fires via a side switch planted inside an aluminum body. On the back you will discover a different texture; carbon fiber as opposed to aluminum. Thanks to the utilization of these two materials, your mod is extremely light and durable; great for mobile use and small despite its power.

Suitable Atomizers

Since this is a 7-60W device which reaches sub-ohm resistance, you can attach almost any atomizer with rebuildable coils as long as it is 510-threaded and capable of these values. Examples would be the Doge V2, Hobo, Plume Veil, and many others.

While clones of these devices are affordable, RTAs like the Kanger Subohm Plus, Smok VCT, and Aspire Atlantis are all very good items and easy to use. Not only are these all affordable products, but they are highly accessible as well. Many top vendors carry all or most of these products.

Alternative Mods

If the SMY isn’t available, Smok and Eleaf both make 50W mods. VaporFi carries the Vox 50W. Pioneer4You and Cloupor are also VW-mod manufacturers.

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