Sigelei 75W Box

I consider it highly interesting that companies which have already released successful high-watt mods such as Sigelei would go backwards to offer a device of lesser output.

Sigelei already makes a 100W and 150W box mod: why reverse direction to bring you a 75W model?

Safety could be the issue here or it might be advancements in technology which boost performance without draining as much power from the battery. It just doesn’t pay to jump on a bandwagon too quickly, so if you bought the highest-watt models as soon as they were released, you could be kicking yourself.

Sigelei and others have been working out a few bugs to bring you safer devices which still blow sub-ohm clouds.

Temperature Control

The biggest feature for safety is temperature control and that is what several box mods have been missing. If a chipset does not guard against high temperatures, the only option is for the device to switch off if it detects high heat.

But there are devices which automatically reduce output when a high temperature is detected. Too much heat turns your cell into a weapon of mass destruction.

The Sigelei 75W Box Mod has built-in temperature control which is preventative rather than defensive. Your box will reach no more than 350C or 662F before the chip automatically brings down watts from 75W to whatever is required within that 5W to 75W range.

This is still very warm and you might be thankful you bought a tank with adjustable venting below the drip tip as well as adjustable airflow in the base. Sigelei’s new mod is sure to create flavorful vapor.

Low Resistance, Lots of Vapor

Even though this is not the most powerful mod you can buy for $70, resistance capacity is pretty low at 0.5 ohms.

Do you need a 0.1-ohm resistance model to create cloud cover? No: you do not have to risk blowing yourself sky high.

A vivid blue-on-black screen shows your resistance value, wattage setting, and how many volts the device adjusted to automatically. With a spring-loaded connector, just about all atomizers are compatible although this does mean you have to watch for voltage drop.

Recharge with Sigelei

The Sigelei 75W Box Mod provides you with dual recharging methods. Keep an 18650-rated battery inside the mod and use a built-in USB port to replenish it.

On the other hand, remove the battery and charge it separately while taking a long break or replacing the cell with a fully charged one. The magnetic cover makes retrieving your battery a piece of cake.

Conservative Profile

The Sigelei 75W mod is compact, measuring just 90 mm long by 40 mm wide and 24 mm deep. It will comfortably accommodate a host of 22-mm atomizers.

That list includes tank atomizers like the Herakles and Atlantis, RDAs such as the Plume Veil, and assorted alternatives by Kanger, Youde, Smok, and more.

Choose silver or black: not a rainbow, admittedly, but the Eleaf iStick and Innokin iTaste MVP series provide color assortment. Do you want pretty colors or high watts? As boxes go, this one is pretty standard on the outside but with rounded edges making it more comfortable to hold and less edgy-looking.

Pre-Order the Product

Sigelei’s new 75W box mod comes with a silicone case but not a battery: don’t forget to add one of those and a charger too. Participating vendors recommend brands and sizes below their listing for the mod so you don’t have to guess about which models to choose. Experts recommend sticking with brand names like Sony and Nitecore.

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